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The Diomedes – Where You Really CAN See Russia From Your Backyard

Those big landmasses labeled Russia and United States look pretty menacing to those two little islands, don’t they? As a guy working on a book that draws heavily from the Cold War… how could I pass this up?

A mysterious painting plays a big part in the plot of The Good Spy Dies Twice, but I also mention an ivory tusk, carved in the shape of the Diomede Islands.

The Diomedes are unusual for a few reasons:

1) Way back when anthropologists believe the Diomedes were a stopping point for the first humans who crossed the Bering Straight.

2) The International Dateline runs right between them, so one island is nearly an entire day ahead of the other.

3) The big Diomede island belongs to Russia, the small one to America, and they’re only separated by two miles of water.

4) During the winter, the water between them freezes…

That’s right. During the Cold War, if you were a soldier stationed at one of the then-heavily militarized islands, you could pour yourself a cup of coffee, find your favorite walking stick, and take a morning stroll from America to Russia, sparking World War III along the way.

In my book, an old author named Mel Perkins tells a story about two men, one a wealthy Soviet, the other a wealthy American, who, at the height of the Cold War, ran a telephone line between the Diomedes. At the time, it was the only means of near-instantaneous communication that existed between the two Super Powers. This secret back channel helped to avert nuclear war. It also made these wealthy “Diomede Men” indispensable, and more powerful than their sitting presidents.

The Diomede Men held the fate of the world in their hands, and though long dead, their relationship still lives. A relationship that transcends politics and borders. A relationship that spawned the Carousel, an international network of billionaires and CEOs and military men who secretly collude to promote both the common good and global objectives.

No matter the cost.

No matter who dies.

The Diomedes are backstory in The Good Spy Dies Twice, but what happened between those two islands spin the larger plot of the Bullseye series, a plot that only Jake Boxer, an investigative journalist and host of the conspiratorial news show, Bullseye, can unravel.TGSDT - HOSACK

Through December 8th, you can get the first book in the Bullseye Series, The Good Spy Dies Twice, on Amazon for just .99 cents. Just click HERE. The book is also available in paperback and hardcover from all major retailers.

Called “an undeniably spry and rousing espionage thriller” by Kirkus Reviews and given 4 1/2 Stars and made a Top Pick by RT Book Reviews, The Good Spy Dies Twice is this winter’s most exciting new thriller.

Watch the book trailer HERE.

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